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Picnic Box, Proposal Box, Proposal Decor, Proposal Kit, Proposal In A Box, Picnic, Picnic Kit

The Picnic Box is perfect box to set up a cozy little proposal outdoors or even indoors in front of a crackling fire!

- 12 Assorted White Block Candles
- 12 Candle Dishes 
- 10 Mini Candles Holders + Candles
- 4 Light Blue Taper Candles with Crystal Candle Holders 
- Crystal Candle Holder + Candle 
- Lighter 
- Grey Ice Bucket 
- 2 Champagne Glasses 
- White Linen Table Cloth 
- Fresh White Rose Petals 
- Picnic Blanket 
- 3 Pillow Covers 
- Glass Water Pitcher 
- "Marry Me" Sign 
- Instructions and Setup Suggested Floor Plan 
- Instructional Video guide from an Event Planner  


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